The Colorful Company.

We are an Antwerp-based distributor for several international manufacturers of color-, black and additive Masterbatch and pigment preparations. We can help you color your business.


Whether you want to develop a new color masterbatch or you are you looking for a competitive alternative for your current supplier, we will help you find the best solution. Together with our partners we can supply both small and large volumes. Aside from masterbatch, we can also provide you with high quality pigment preparations.


When it comes to the performance of Carbon Black in polymers, the level of dispersion is the critical factor. To ensure excellent dispersion of the Masterbatch in the final polymer, careful selection of the type of Carbon Black and carrier system is key. Together with our partners we ensure the best product is selected to provide an optimal balance between price and performance.


We offer a range of Additive Masterbatch specifically designed to meet all your requirements. Our products showcase an array of possibilities to modify polymers for several applications: light stabilisers, antioxidants, and antistatic agents. Are you looking for a specialty additive masterbatch? Please contact us and see how we can help you find the right solution.


Our experience

Our team has many years of experience in the plastics, and more specific, the masterbatch industry. We have worked with and for large multinationals as well as medium sized private owned companies. Our network and insights in the industry is extensive. From Automotive OEM to major Brandowners, from waste-bins to synthetic fibers and from packaging to profiles.

Our partners